Hotel Solitaire
Hermann-Hesse-Stra�e 64
13156 Berlin
Tel: (0049) 030-916010
Fax: (0049) 030-91601100

Bikers-friendly Hotel

Charging station for
electric cars

the next charging station for electric cars is 900 meters away from the hotel


General Terms and Conditions
Hotel Solitaire, Hermann-Hesse-Strasse 64, 13156 Berlin

1. Scope
These Terms and Conditions shall govern contracts for the rental of hotel rooms for accommodation and all other supplies
and services provided by the hotel for the customer in this context (Hotel Accommodation Contract). The owner of the hotel
and, therefore, the customer's contract partner is Metzger Der Komplettausbauer GmbH & Co. KG, An der Fohlenweide 22,
67112 Mutterstadt
(hereafter referred to as "the Hotel"). The hotel accommodation contract may deviate from these
terms and conditions, provided that at least the text form is maintained. Customer's general terms and conditions shall not apply.

2. Conclusion of the contract
The Hotel Accommodation Contract shall come into effect upon acceptance of Customer's booking by Hotel. Contracting parties are
Hotel and Customer. If a third party has made the booking, Customer shall be jointly and severally liable with such third party for
all obligations to the hotel.
Subletting or letting of rooms and their use for purposes other than accommodation shall require Hotel’s prior written approval.

3. Cancellation by Customer, non-use of Hotel's services
If no cancellation right has been agreed or if such right is already extinct and provided that there is no statutory right to
cancellation or termination and Hotel does not agree with the cancellation, Hotel reserves the right to claim the agreed remuneration
even if the service is not used. Hotel shall credit Customer the income from otherwise renting the rooms and the expenses saved.
If the rooms are not rented out otherwise, Hotel may calculate the deduction for saved expenses as a lump sum.

Cancellations made up to 3 days prior to arrival are free of charge. If bookings are cancelled up to 2 days before arrival,
Hotel will charge 80%; if cancelled on the day of arrival or in case of non-arrival, 90% of the agreed price will be charged.
The above provision shall also apply, if the number of booked rooms or the period of stay are reduced.
If Customer does not arrive by 18:00 on the agreed arrival date, Hotel shall not have the duty to provide accommodation unless a
later arrival date has been agreed.
Cancellation terms and options shall be separately agreed for bookings of a quota of more than 3 rooms.
Customer shall be free to prove that the above claims of Hotel have not accrued or not accrued as demanded.

4. Provision and return of rooms
Reserved rooms are available to Customer from 14:00 on the agreed day of arrival. Customer has no right to earlier availability.
On the agreed day of departure the room shall be vacated and made available to Hotel not later than 11:00. Hotel may invoice 50%
of the full accommodation rate (list price) for rooms not vacated by 11.00 but made available to Hotel before 18:00 or 90% for rooms
vacated after that time, for exceeding the time of usage. This does, however, not justify any contractual claims by Customer.
Customer shall be at liberty to prove that Hotel's usage claims are much lower or non-existent.
Customer does not acquire the right to be provided specific rooms unless explicitly agreed.

5. Payment and Tax
Applicable prices are gross rates and include sales tax. They do not include any local taxes owed by the guest under local law, such as local bedding tax or city tax. In case applicable taxes,
fees and duties are changed, Hotel reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly. Hotel is entitled to claim the contractual payment
in advance upon Customer's arrival at the hotel. Other payment dates may be agreed in the accommodation contract. Hotel is entitled to
request a security from Customer, for example in the form of a credit card guarantee, upon conclusion of Contract.
Invoices that are sent to the customer, shall be paid within ten days from receipt of invoice. If payment is delayed, Hotel is entitled
to claim the respective statutory default interest, as applicable.

6. Means of Payment, Billing
Valid means of payment are cash in Euro, EC card, MasterCard, VISA and American Express cards in Euro. The hotel is not obliged to accept
foreign currencies.
Invoicing to third parties (e.g. the employer of Customer) will be accepted only if Customer has provided a cost absorption declaration by
such third party prior to arrival. In such case, Customer and the third party shall be jointly and severally liable.

7. Liability / Disclaimer
Basically, Hotel shall be liable for all legal and contractual claims accrued due to wilful and gross negligence.
Hotel shall be liable for ordinary negligence in case of damage due to material breach of contract, or for injury to life, body or health.
In case of damage caused by breach of substantial contractual obligations, liability shall be limited to foreseeable contract damage.
A material contractual obligation is a duty that the agreement, due to its content and purpose, seeks to impose on the Hotel or fulfilment of
which is a prerequisite for proper execution of the Contract and on which Customer regularly relies and may rely.
Liability of Hotel shall be excluded in case of breach of non-substantial contractual obligations caused by ordinary negligence as well as
in case of other breach of duty caused by ordinary negligence. Any contractual claims for damages of Customer against Hotel shall become
time-barred 12 months after of the conditions justifying such claim have become known. This does not apply to the claims referred to in
clause 1, in case of intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty and the fraudulent concealment of a defect.
The above provisions shall not change the burden of proof to the detriment of Customer.

When becoming aware of faults or defects in the performance of Hotel the staff will take care to remedy them in due course.
The guest is obliged to make reasonable contributions to minimize the damage and to report faults or defects to Hotel without unreasonable delay.
Hotel shall be liable to Customer up to a maximum amount of 3.500.00 Euro for belongings brought into the hotel; in case of cash,
securities and valuables up to a maximum amount of 800.00 EUR, as provided by law.
Hotel shall have the right to refuse safekeeping of money, securities and valuables.
In case of damage or loss of a vehicle parked on the parking lots provided by Hotel, Hotel shall be liable within the scope of the
foregoing provisions. A custody agreement does not come about.

8. Dogs
Bringing a dog is allowed with prior notification. Customer is obliged to ensure that the animal is under constant supervision and is no
carrier of infectious diseases and no risk to residents and staff. A fee will be charged for dogs other than seeing eyes or service dogs.
Taking the animal into the breakfast area is not allowed. Customer shall be liable for any damage caused by the animal.

9. Smoking
It is forbidden to smoke in all public areas of the hotel as well as in the guest rooms marked Non Smoking. In case of violation Hotel
may claim from Customer compensation for cleaning and lost revenue due to non-availability of the room.

10. Final Provisions
If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
In case of regulation gaps the relevant statutory provisions shall apply.
German law shall apply; conflicts-of-law provisions shall be excluded.
The legal venue for all disputes arising between the parties shall be Berlin.